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“The whole eloquence of cinema is achieved in the editing room.”
Events are a big part of just doing business these days, whether it is a global conference or a simple webinar. Video, streamed or on-demand, adds a lot of value to your attendees, speakers, and your organization itself. An on-demand video adds to the attendee’s experience and as an archival asset for your organization, you can improve and engage those who could not attend.
Historically, video has been employed in advertising since its development. The difference is now you do not have to spend 6 figures to hope you get traction. Awareness and promotion now comes to consumers across all channels and in many creative styles. If you have some creative ideas, or need some, we should get together for a creative brief…It’s free.
Emails, newsletters, and social channels all get a boost by adding video. People are busy but they want information. Video can help them to decide quickly whether they are interested in your message and want to know more. On the back end, you get to add SEO and viewer analytics to your marketing data with heat maps, video tags, and engagement rates.
Easy to serve, organize and archive video is a remarkable instrument for training employees and customers. Video can help you to demonstrate processes and polices in an effective and calculated approach while adding value to your products. By adding a video strategy, you can save money through good internal training consistency, and increase sales by supporting your products and services.
Video is a powerful tool for learning. It is clear, concise, and familiar to the audience, no matter their education level or background. Video is very scalable. You can get a lot of bang for your buck, despite your wallet size.
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Other Video Services

Video resumes are a way for candidates to go beyond traditional methods of applying, such as submitting only a resume, cover letter, and work samples. Lasting typically 60 seconds, these videos are your shot to make the best first impression to an employer. A video resume lets the employer literally see you and hear your case (via your communication skills, personality and charisma) as the best candidate for the job – all before the interview takes place.
When it comes to real estate, video has been shown to attract sellers AND buyers, boost listings and increase sales. Video is highly sought, and you’ve no doubt noticed that video results are appearing along with text results when you search for anything in Google or other search engines these days. Like we’ve mentioned here before, by 2017 it’s estimated that 74% of all Internet traffic in 2017 will be video. Using video to sell real estate can be the thing that sets you apart from your competition. Even though it’s a proven factor, it’s still highly underused as a tool.
What Makes A Commercial Memorable And Effective? Humor has been shown to be a very effective marketing tool in commercials. After all, when something is funny, it encourages viewers to become actively engaged by waiting for the punchline—and those viewers are more likely to tell their friends about the commercial they just saw. On the other end of the spectrum, there are commercials that are memorable because they tug at the heartstrings and elicit emotions that would not be expected in just thirty seconds. Appealing to your viewers’ human side can make your commercial that much more effective.

A birds-eye point of view can add a lot of production value to a video project, and for Real Estate agents aerial video provides a significant increase in production value to your listings. Grabbing the hearts of your buyers (and sellers for that matter) and getting them emotionally committed to a home is about a lot more than just nice photographs, a video home tour or even aerial drone video.
It’s about creating a finished video product that wows your prospects so deeply that they establish an emotional connection and are driven to take action on your listings.

A mini documentary is a great way to share your story if you don’t have the time or budget (or need) for a full length feature documentary. The length of a mini documentary might be anywhere from 2-25 minutes. A mini-documentary might also be referred to as a short film or mini-doc. Mini-documentaries are a fantastic way to get a message or story across in a limited amount of time. A common way that mini documentaries are used is to share the story/mission of a non-profit organization or business.
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What is Videography

Videography refers to the process of capturing moving images on electronic media (e.g., videotape, direct to disk recording, or solid state storage) and even streaming media. People tend to be visual and video marketing reinforces your communication goals and employs a medium that allows for multiple levels of understanding in a short time across countless channels. Video is currently the most effective marketing tool, and companies that have created an effective video strategy will have a big jump on the competition. Statistics easily support the effectiveness of videos for marketing. What is not easy is figuring out where to start. That’s where we comes in. KJ Multimedia will help you discover the precise story, techniques, and channels to get the greatest exposure for your brand, products, and services. Branded product videos, demonstrations, and promotions are just a few of possibilities video holds as you can use video to accomplish endless marketing goals simply.

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